Endpoint Manager PoC for Healthcare


Ensure a secure, robust and effective strategy to managing sensitive data on clinicians' personal and corporate devices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager

ATSG is a global, tech-enabled managed service and solution provider focused on innovative solutions to enhance today’s digital enterprise and end-user experiences. We have deployed Microsoft Endpoint Manager at healthcare organizations to both secure data on clinicians’ BYO devices and also to manage company-owned devices while mitigating risk, removing barriers to embracing digital transformation and eliminating obstacles to providing excellent patient care.

Suitable for managing iOS, Android, Windows 10, and MacOS devices, this structured engagement includes Assessment, Design, Build and Pilot phases with deliverables noted for each phase, including regular project status reports and knowledge transfer.

ATSG will ensure you have a secure, robust, and effective configuration of Microsoft Endpoint Manager's MDM and Autopilot functions that will significantly enhance your device management, deployment, and security, capabilities at the conclusion of this Pilot/POC effort.


  • Project Plan: The Project Plan Document will define how the project will be executed, monitored, controlled, and closed.
  • Current State Document: The Current State Document will outline the findings from the Assessment phase that comprises current state environment.
  • Design Document: The Design Document consists of the components and configurations expected for the desired solution.
  • As-Built Document: The As-Built Document shows the complete configuration of the solution in a production environment.

Duration: 2-3 Weeks
Pricing ATSG will identify and validate client specific requirements and objectives during a discovery call. ATSG will also leverage any available funding programs on client’s behalf. The pricing can be Time and Materials or Fixed Price as desired by the client.

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