Microsoft Viva - 1 Day Workshop

Bamboo Technologies Limited

To make the employee experience your competitive advantage with Modern Work solutions, Bamboo offers a one-day workshop to provides an overview of Viva suite and see how Viva helps your organization.

In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Viva that helps to address some of the business challenges; High level technical details of Microsoft Viva; Identify business scenarios to be digitally transformed, design solution; and shortlist scope of PoC that Bamboo can implement from offshore.

There are 3 offers in this workshop:

  • Assess • Pre-Engagement Kick-Off • Workshop Overview

  • Art of the Possible • Art of the Possible Kick-Off • Hybrid Work • Viva Suite Interactive Overview • Feature Walkthrough for one of the Viva pillars

  • Build the Plan • Build the Plan Kick-Off • Use Case and Scenario Discovery • Adoption and Change Management • Report and Recommendations

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