A#SCM365:6-Months Implement

Bhatara Progress Co., Ltd.

To cope with supply chain disruptions, companies must gain visibility into all parties’ processes, be resilient, and catch up more opportunities. "Supply Chain is a revenue generating machine.“ Niel A

Uncertainty of demand, supply, global warming disaster, political turmoil causes a bad impact on supply chain. Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with precise operation, seamless working with all parties (buyer, seller, manufacturer, contractor, logistic, DC, etc. Companies can plan, forecast, prioritize more effective even demand spikes dramatically. With Dynamics 365 companies get insight to manage predict and prioritize high demanded items to ensure that replenishment and order are managed properly. Also, they can collaborate with vendors, manage contracts, build redundancy for critical supplies. They can create a control center so that the action signals to mitigate supply chain constraints can be automated and sent directly to any ERP or supply chain execution system, resulting in a frictionless order fulfillment and delighting the customers. A#SCM365 Benefits:

  • Deliver cross-channel inventory visibility in real time to streamline production and fulfillment, and optimize inventory, reducing overstocking and stock-outs.
  • Maintain multiple cost-accounting ledgers globally to streamline cost-management policies and perform cost and profit analysis in real time. Dynamics 365 is a suite of intelligent business applications designed to connect customers, products, people, and operations. Power Platform is a line of applications created so that companies can analyze data, build solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents to overcome business challenges. Dynamics 365 runs on Azure. Azure offers data governance features to mitigate any fraudulent activities on the account by making access limited to authorized users only — Azure is FERPA, IRS, HIPAA, and GDPR certified. Dynamics 365 works seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Office 365.

Bhatara Progress Co., Ltd., has been the Microsoft Business Application and Modern work, so we can provide you total services; Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Business Defender, PowerBI, PowerAutomation, and etc.

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