Qlik to Power BI Migration: 5-Days Assessment

BlueOrbit Solutions, LLC.

Data driven decision making for Qlik to Power BI Migration Assessment using Analysis Tool

The key challenges in QlikView to Power BI migrations are cost justification and risk assessment. The starting point of an assessment needs to address the following issues:

  • Understand QlikView footprint
  • Review the current frequency of application usage
  • Acquire metrics for readiness of converting an application
  • Select an application for pilot and develop a roadmap

Along with our expertise in Power BI, BlueOrbit Solutions has over 10 years of experience in Qlik. With our extensive and deep experience in QlikView migrations, we have developed a proprietary tool Power BI MigrateExpress Analyzer™ for assessment of migration readiness.

**Power BI MigrateExpress Analyzer™ **helps you to:

  • Take Inventory of QlikView applications
  • Understand Complexity, Usage and Compatibility
  • Prioritize QlikView applications for Migration
  • Assist with Migration Plan and Work-effort estimates

Key Benefits:

  • 360-degree view of all the applications from a migration standpoint
  • Common profile of the migration parameters and criteria
  • Transparency for rationalization and prioritization
  • Scorecard for metrics such as complexity, usage & compatibility
  • Several assessment reports such as Application Audit Report, Application Categorization etc.
  • Data driven decision making for the assessment which is less risky than a manual approach


  • Install and run Analyzer within QlikView environment
  • Review Analyzer results with key stakeholders and prioritize Applications for migration
  • Identify 1 QlikView Application for Power BI migration roadmap
  • Conduct a detailed review of the selected application
  • Develop work effort estimates and roadmap
  • Present Assessment Report


  • Assessment Report with Roadmap
  • Proposal to migrate 1 QlikView applications to Power BI
  • License customer to use Analyzer for 60 days for internal evaluation

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