Power Automate: 5-15 Day Assessment

CGI Inc.

Identify areas where employee experience can be improved through automation. Through the power of cloud technology, seamlessly integrate your existing processes to deliver a clearly defined roadmap.

Our Opportunity Assessment Methodology will identify areas of improvement throughout your organization and realize the benefits of the Power Automate Platform.

A small investment of 5-15 days of effort will bring clarity to realizing business value.

  • CGI will engage with existing process pain points and develop strategic objectives
  • Evaluate target areas with the highest potential for automation
  • Identify eligible processes by filtering through input data
  • Produce a mobilization roadmap that prioritizes initiatives and outlines key operational considerations

The Power Automate assessment is a perfect blend of intuitive technology and reliable analytics to create a winning solution for organizations of all sizes. With this transformative platform at your fingertips, you can streamline operations, boost productivity, secure critical data, and increase customer satisfaction throughout your company. Let Power Automate Assessment be the radical solution you’ve been missing!

Note: Price is based on 15 days.

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