Manufacturing Ind., Modern Workplace: 1-day Assessment


The Modern Workplace Assessment dedicate for Energy Industry assists customers in simplifying cloud adoption and mitigating risk.

What is it?

The Modern Workplace Assessment assists customers in simplifying cloud adoption and mitigating risk. It gives customers visibility into their desktop and on-premise environments while also assisting them in increasing end-user productivity. A cloud roadmap highlighting prioritized business applications for transition is among the deliverables.

Who is this for?

The Assessment is designed for SMEs and larger businesses which are:

  • restricted in your ability to maximize remote work productivity.
  • experiencing fragmented collaboration due to multiple system deployments.
  • concerned about cloud security and that it could hurt your business.

What are the benefits of this?

Following our Assessment, your business will be able to:

  • improve productivity.
  • reduce costs.
  • enhance user experience.

Outcomes of this assessment

  • Education. The Assessment involves a workshop on how Microsoft 365 can help your company be more efficient, cost-effective, and business oriented.
  • Evaluation. Cloudica will prepare a report on how you can streamline your operations based on tried-and-tested solutions learned through years of experience in the field. Our methods have been proven to cut time, effort, and cost.
  • Long-term benefits. The Modern Workplace Assessment is an excellent place to start in terms of providing clear and practical insights into the commercial benefit of a successful Modern Workplace transition.

Steps and agenda

During the Modern Workplace Assessment, Cloudica analyzes your present working environment and makes suggestions to empower productive staff with the proper tools, apps, and services to enable secure and contemporary work styles. The whole assessment consists mainly of two phases:

  • Interviews.
  • Assisted deployment of discovery toolset.

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