Microsoft Dynamics 365: 4-Wk Assessment

Columbus Global US

This is the last upgrade you will ever need. Start your journey today with a Columbus Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Assessment.

Columbus is providing a comprehensive assessment to review the business benefits and project scope of upgrading from Dynamics AX2009 or AX2012 to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Our technical experts will work with you to analyze your business processes, understand legacy customizations, and compare them against the capabilities in your current release. You’ll receive an accurate estimate of what the costs are to move to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations; as well as, understand the importance of getting on a current and supported version of Microsoft Dynamics, allowing you to reduce time to go-live, time to value, and operational costs. Plan. Prove. Achieve. With a modern solution driving transformation for your business.

Prerequisites: Dynamics AX 3.0, Dynamics AX 4.0, Dynamics AX 2009 or Dynamics AX 2012


  • Diagram of proposed (Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations) architecture and landscape
  • Documentation of current AX modifications that will be re-developed with (Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations)
  • Documentation of current AX modifications that can be replaced by enhanced functionality in (Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations)
  • Documentation of current AX modifications that are no longer required by business
  • Master customization list with classifications and estimated effort required to redevelop the customizations that will be needed with (Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations)
  • List of business processes to be re-engineered during the upgrade project
  • List of current AX reports with classification by complexity and module
  • List of interfaces/integrations by type (custom, 3rd Party, etc.), with state of readiness for integration to (Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations)
  • Identify new functionality to be implemented as part of the (Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations) upgrade project, if applicable
  • List of data sets to be migrated, with the number of records per set
  • Training plan with estimated effort and Columbus’ role in the training
  • List of user roles and counts classified by license type

The final price of this offer is based on the scope of work.

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