Barracuda Office 365 email-based security


Barracuda Email Protection is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution that delivers gateway defense, API-based inbox defense, incident response, data protection, and compliance capabilities.

Crayon, an organization of 2000+ employees with a presence in 80% of the Global market has built strong relationships with over 60,000 customers in the past 20 years and continues to offer a single solution that includes both backup and recovery and protects the data of all your virtualized environments as well which is fast, flexible and reliable way of recovering your data and apps.

Business Challenges

91% of cyberattacks start with an email. Email attacks are getting more complex and dangerous. Many email threats today use social engineering tactics to target users and bypass email security gateways. You need to stay ahead of cybercriminals to protect your business and data.

• 98% of organizations were hit by a phishing attack in 2020. • 1 in 5 organizations experienced an account takeover in 2019. • $228,000 average ransom fee paid in 2022.


Barracuda email security protects against all email threat types. (

Barracuda Email Protection is the most comprehensive protection against all email threat types, from spam and malware to business email compromise and account takeover. Its multi-layered approach combines a secure email gateway, AI-powered fraud protection, user security awareness training, and automated incident response.


• Spam, Malware, and Advanced Threat Protection - Identify and block spam, viruses, and malware delivered via email messages. Using virus scanning, spam scoring, real-time intent analysis, URL link protection, reputation checks, and other techniques, Barracuda scans email messages and files. • Impersonation Protection - Automatically detect and prevent impersonation, business email compromise, and other targeted attacks. Barracuda’s AI engine learns your organization's unique communication patterns and leverages these patterns to identify anomalies and prevent social-engineering attacks in real-time.  • Account Takeover Protection - Stop phishing attacks used to harvest credentials for account takeover. Our AI detects anomalous email behavior and alerts IT, then finds and removes all fraud emails sent from compromised accounts.  • Email Encryption and Data-loss Prevention - Secure your mail by encrypting it during transport and at rest for storage in the cloud. Create and enforce content policies to prevent sensitive and confidential data from being sent out by email. • Domain Fraud Protection - Prevent email domain fraud with DMARC reporting and analysis. Barracuda provides granular visibility and analysis of DMARC reports and helps you minimize false positives, protect legitimate email, and prevent spoofing. • Incident Response - Remediate threats quickly and efficiently by automating investigative workflows and enabling direct removal of malicious emails. Take advantage of fully automated, post-delivery incident response and threat-hunting capabilities. • Security Awareness Training - Get access to advanced, automated education technology that includes simulation-based training, continuous testing, powerful reporting for administrators, and active incident response awareness. • Zero Trust Access for Microsoft 365 - Security starts with access. Barracuda’s Zero Trust Access model establishes unparalleled access control across users and devices — from remote to hybrid, and from company-owned to employee- and contractor-owned. It provides remote, conditional, and contextual access to resources and reduces over-privileged access risks. With Zero Trust Access, employees and partners can access Microsoft 365 applications without creating additional attack surfaces.


• Prevent attacks from getting through by combining email-gateway defenses, API-based inbox defense, and web security. • Identify and limit the impact of any threats that reach your users with automated response and security awareness training. • Ensure compliance and stay productive during downtime. Back up your important Microsoft 365 email and data to recover easily from malware attacks or lost data. • Protect yourself from lateral attacks. • Detect and respond to malicious attacks and unauthorized activity. • Train users to recognize email threats. • Simplify and automate post-delivery remediation.

*The provided estimated price is applicable if user count is 500 plus. Incase if the count is below then the price will further vary.

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