Enhance Employee Experience & Unlock Productivity | 4-Week Microsoft Viva Rollout Package

Creospark Consulting Services Inc

Our Microsoft Viva implementation package is designed to assist you with maintaining an excellent employee experience.

Are you struggling to deliver an exceptional employee experience in the digital world? Are you interested in Microsoft Viva but don't know where to start? Microsoft Viva currently offers six modules, each with its own unique value, but which module is right for you? Our team of experts makes the implementation of Microsoft Viva as easy as breathing.
Through the strategic and empathetic implementation of Microsoft Viva, you can empower your team to improve, manage, and maintain an extraordinary employee experience and better collaboration across the organization. We'll walk you through all the current Microsoft Viva components and help you determine which modules are relevant and bring the most value to your organization. At the end of our 4-weeks together, you'll have a technology plan customized to your unique organizational needs to help each of your employees feel more engaged, productive, and thrive. And your IT team will have the tools they need to successfully and confidently rollout Microsoft Viva to your team.


  • Session overview of Microsoft Viva
  • Strategy session 1: assessment of current Microsoft 365 usage in your organization
  • Strategy session 2: Microsoft Viva module recommendations and best practices (proof of concept of 2 Microsoft Viva modules)
  • Decisions session & rollout strategy: provide rollout schedule

###Action items:

  • 1-hour Microsoft Viva trial enablement session - we’ll work with your IT team to assist in adding Microsoft Viva components to your tenant or a test tenant.
  • Additional Microsoft Viva resources

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