Data Visualization Best Practices: 1-Hr Briefing

Crowe LLP

In this briefing, we will look at what power analytics can bring to an organization and how to improve the visualization of the data, so the consumers can use it to make informed decisions.

Microsoft Power BI dashboards are meant to simplify the data analysis process for busy business managers and workers who do not necessarily have the time or inclination to dig deeply into data. Charts, graphs, gauges, and alerts are all designed to make BI data easy to grasp, but building dashboards can be a daunting assignment for BI teams, in no small part because the intended user base often consists of corporate executives and the heads of business units, and they can be a demanding audience.

A dashboard is a visual display of the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives that has been consolidated on a single computer screen so it can be monitored at a glance, but how do you make all of this information easy to understand? And more importantly how to do you make it compelling to use?


In this briefing, we will look at some key best practices that will make it easier to deliver your message to our audience and make your dashboard compelling to use.

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