Microsoft Viva Insights Workshop

Covenant Technology Partners

Microsoft 365 Viva Insights Workshop: Bring together communications and insights! 8-hour workshop

Held in person or virtually, Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources and insights in the flow of work. Powered by Microsoft 365 and experienced through Microsoft Teams, Viva fosters a culture that empowers employees and teams to be their best from anywhere. With the Microsoft Viva Insights workshop, you’ll help customers discover Microsoft Viva Insights and how it helps individuals, managers, and leaders gain personalized insights and actionable recommendations that help everyone in an organization thrive.

This workshop can be broken down into multiple 4-hour sessions or multiple day sessions.

Included in the Microsoft Viva Insights Workshop will be:
Define scope, identify business stakeholders, and gather information on key business scenarios Envision the art of the possible, pinpoint scenarios that can result in increased user engagement and productivity. Prioritize scenarios to include in a solution plan, define next steps, timeline to develop and implement the solution.

Cost: $5,000 Solution Play: Employee Experience Technical Capability: Viva Insights

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