With a DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC specialist, discover how D365 Field Service can transform your organization to better orchestrate field visits, inspections, maintenance interventions, appointments, and more

DANSLENUAGE.QUEBEC transforms companies with cloud technologies to make their IT infrastructures safer, while also increasing their productivity with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement applications, Power Automate, Power BI data analysis, Dynamics 365 Marketing marketing automation, and business process technologies.

Our fully bilingual team based in Quebec can provide support and training to users in French and in English, thus providing you with comprehensive and accessible support across Canada.

Dynamics 365 Field Service allows companies to better organize service rendering, from the initial service request all the way to billing of the end customer. This application is highly scalable and customizable for use cases in all sorts of different fields, starting with the traditional maintenance and repair industry to the medical field, training services, on-field interventions of various natures, etc.

During the private consultation, our specialist will go over the different components of Dynamics 365 Field Service and explain how they can be tailored to fit your business needs.

The following features will be covered:

  1. Creation and documentation of service requests
  2. Creation of work orders
  3. Management of work order components
  4. Planification of work interventions for multiple resources
  5. Fulfilling work orders with the Field Service mobile app
  6. Inspections with Field Service
  7. Review of completed work orders
  8. Billing of work orders
  9. Lead management
  10. Opportunity management
  11. Customer asset management.

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