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Connect CRM and F&O with Dual-write

Dual write: DynaTech’s Real-time Data Synchronization Solution for the Manufacturing Industry Challenges The manufacturing industry faces significant challenges when it comes to synchronizing data and processes between different systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and F&O. This lack of integration often results in data discrepancies, delayed updates, and operational inefficiencies. For these reasons, it becomes crucial for manufacturers to have a reliable solution that seamlessly connects these systems– ensuring real-time data exchange and smooth workflow management. What do we offer? DynaTech System offers Dual-write for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and F&O - a robust and integrated solution that addresses the data synchronization challenges faced by the manufacturing industry. This Meticulously engineered solution ensures real-time data synchronization– eliminating data silos while enabling smooth data flow and collaboration across various Microsoft applications. This will eventually contribute to higher productivity and accuracy for manufacturing businesses. Features & Benefits • Real-time Data Sync: Dual-write enables instant synchronization of data between Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and F&O, eliminating delays and ensuring data consistency. • Bi-directional Integration: Changes made in any of the connected systems are automatically reflected in the others– facilitating a two-way data flow. • Workflow Automation: Dual-write automates processes across systems– reducing manual interventions and accelerating manufacturing operations. • Error Reduction: The integrated solution minimizes the chances of data entry errors, enhancing data accuracy and reliability. • Customizable Mapping: Manufacturers can customize data mapping based on their specific requirements, ensuring flexibility and adaptability. Why DynaTech Systems? As a renowned Microsoft Gold Partner, DynaTech brings profound knowledge in the manufacturing domain and extensive expertise in Microsoft technologies, including CRM and F&O, offering seamless integration of these systems through Dual-write. Additionally, we provide end-to-end support– ensuring a smooth and successful implementation of Dual-write for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and F&O in your manufacturing operations. Schedule a demo with our experts to learn more and get started.

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