Information Management: Plan your roadmap 3/4-Wk Assessment

Engage Squared

Equipping your organisation to implement modern information management across your Microsoft 365 environment

We understand that organisations are looking to evaluate and improve the information management capabilities in Microsoft 365. The Microsoft 365 environment hosts a range of information including documents, emails, and chats that are created and captured across a multitude of information activities. This offer has been designed for organisations who are looking to use existing Microsoft products and licensing investment to develop a scalable approach to enterprise information management, reduce risks and meet compliance needs.

By the end of this engagement, you’ll have:

First-hand understanding of Microsoft 365’s Information Management capabilities: We’ll spend time understanding your information management needs, including your regulatory and/or legislative obligations, and reviewing your existing policies, systems and processes to inform your recommendations report. We’ll demonstrate concepts within a working sample Microsoft 365 environment providing the opportunity to experience features and capabilities first-hand

A clear understanding of how you can use Microsoft 365 to meet your information management needs: Including where to begin your journey, steps required and indications of effort and investment with respect to bring greater information governance and lifecycle management to your Microsoft 365 environment. The plan will outline recommended configurations, gaps and options to achieve modern records management capability that supports your compliance needs

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