Copilot - Discover: A new way of working.


Copilot-Discover consultancy to explore opportunities to create a roadmap for Copilot's next steps.

Do you need support with Copilot? Are you ready for a pleasant Copilot journey? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place. Welcome to MindWorks, leading solutions company.

MindWorks' Discovery assessment prepares customers for a perfect Microsoft Copilot adoption providing a framework to find the right business scenarios, to optimize workplace technology and to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence. Rapid and successful adoption of Copilot will create a significant competitive difference in the competition for talent and markets. MindWorks helps customers understand and realize the business value of Generative AI capabilities in their workplace environments to ensure their workplaces are Copilot ready. Our Copilot Assessment will determine what the key next steps will be to ensure the customer can leverage Microsoft Copilot securely.

This work will help you visualize the arts possible with Microsoft Copilot. It includes:

  • Envision Workshop

    • Showcase Microsoft Copilot use cases and capabilities
    • Identify -Business challenges and pain points -Current capabilities in terms of people/skills/data/infrastructure -Limitations and governance considerations
    • Designing and prioritizing custom use cases for the corporation
  • Advisory

    • Help building AI and Microsoft Copilot strategy for the corporation
    • Calculate the ROI of 5 use cases and identify high-value scenarios
    • Develop implementation roadmap

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