Predict Retail Demand Planning :1-Wk -POC

Hexaware Technologies

Discover how Hexaware’s ‘Predict’ leverages AI/ML driven advanced analytics and integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Reduce fulfilment lead times, reduce backorders and lower operational costs

‘Predict-Demand Planning’ is a web-based analytical tool to sense customer preferences and other multiple demand signals in real time, analyze and simulate various forecast scenarios (factoring for causals - price, promotion, competitive and effects – affinity, cannibalization, new products) by customer segments across channels, time horizon, product hierarches and functions - allowing for a single demand plan across functions and a truly collaborative and responsive supply chain. Hexaware offers free Proof of Concept to help you understand how our platform works while leveraging past data metrics to perform a blind demand forecast calculation and compare against the actual demand.
The PoC will be conducted in following steps:

Step-1 - Data collection for PoC:

  • 2 years of demand data – First year data will be used for developing models which will then be tested against second year’s actual demand (annual data needed to incorporate seasonality)
  • PoC to be carried out for prioritized list of categories, region or BU’s
  • Data required
    • Transactional Data - Daily / Weekly sales order data with prices at SKU and customer level
    • Master Data - Product hierarchy data with product description attributes at SKU level, Anonymized customer hierarchy data with relevant attributes
    • Optional Data - Product selling price and promotional calendar

Step-2 - PoC development

Step-3 - Customer Workshop

Day-1- PoC Demonstration: * Key findings walkthrough with potential areas of improvement * Understanding current S&OP process and pain points * Finalize scope for pilot phase

Day-2: Final Report preparation, detailing: * Business outcome definition with ROI * Integration, customization, testing & support plan * Plan for rolling out to in-scope business

Day-3: Final Presentation: * Stakeholder/steering committee discussion * Business case and roadmap presentation

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