HPT Nextgen Windows Experience_02 days workshop

HPT Vietnam Corporation

NextGen Windows 2 days workshop provides insights how to leverage Cloud PCs, manage virtual endpoints, leverage Windows 11 to enable hybrid work, and implement best practices for endpoint management

The NextGen Windows Workshop enables you to convince your business decision-makers of the business value of Microsoft's cloud solutions for end-user computing. The solutions include Windows 365, Windows on Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Managed Desktop, Windows 11 Enterprise, and Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Attending the workshop allows you to

Understand a customer's hybrid work scenarios and end-user computing goals and objectives Gain insights into a customer's device landscape for both physical and virtual endpoints and Present Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop and Microsoft Managed Desktop solutions that provide a secure desktop experience from virtually anywhere and Showcase Windows 365 Cloud PC provisioning and management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager The workshop is customized based on the needs of the client organization and has a 5-step approach:

Engagement setup, Design and planning, Customer value conversation, Discovery session for end points and Key results, recommendations and next steps. While performing the workshop we will work with the client to better understand when and how to leverage Cloud PCs with Windows 365, how to manage virtual endpoints across Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop the best way possible, leveraging Windows 11 - the most secure OS yet - to enable hybrid work for all employees and implementing best practices for endpoint management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each workshop and engagement.

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