UNITE: D365 Backup_


Safeguard Dynamics 365 data with automated backups, encryption, and recovery. Streamline operations and compliance with our user-friendly interface. Benefit from unlimited storage and flexibility.

As an IT Director, safeguarding business-critical Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement data is crucial.

Accidental deletions, data corruption, cyber-attacks or unforeseen incidents have significant impacts, including downtime, loss of productivity, and potential legal and financial penalties in regulated industries.

Transform your data protection strategy for Dynamics 365.

UNITE: D365 Backup is your comprehensive solution. Effortlessly back up your entire Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement instance, ensuring rapid and seamless recovery of either the complete database or specific records.

Key benefits:

  • Comprehensive data protection: Safeguard critical data from deletion, corruption or attacks, while ensuring security and encryption to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Robust disaster recovery and business continuity: Minimise downtime and ensure rapid data recovery in case of a disaster, to maintain business operations and customer trust.
  • Compliance and regulatory adherence: Meet industry regulations and standards related to data storage, protection and privacy, avoiding potential non-compliance penalties.
  • Cost-efficient operations and improved productivity: Automate backup processes, reduce data recovery costs and free up IT resources for other critical tasks to enhance overall productivity.
  • Flexible and user-friendly solutions: Offer a scalable, easy-to-use interface for data recovery, adapt to evolving business needs and ensure quick data restoration when required.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive automated backups and point-in-time recovery: Ensures regular data saving with automatic backups and provides the ability to restore data to a specific moment in time.
  • Robust data security and granular restoration: Offers industry leading data encryption both in transit and at rest, along with the flexibility to restore specific data elements as needed.
  • Compliance and regulatory adherence: Includes features that help meet industry-specific regulations and standards for data storage, protection and audit trails for accountability.
  • Effective disaster recovery and data retention policies: Provides tools for rapid data recovery in case of disasters, along with customisable data retention policies ranging from 30 days to multiple years.
  • User-friendly interface and flexibility: Offers a simple, user-friendly interface with a quick preview capability, ensuring fast restoration when required. It’s also flexible to evolve with business needs.

Infinity Group is one of few organisations globally that holds Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner status. This means Infinity Group is recognised by Microsoft across six solution designation areas covering: Infrastructure (Azure), Data & AI (Azure), App Innovation (Azure), Security, Business Applications and Modern Work.

Infinity Group is committed to propelling your business forward. Speak to us today about UNITE: D365 Backup, pricing or register your interest for a no-obligation conversation with one of our experienced consultants.

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