Microsoft 365 Productivity Discovery Workshop

Information EXP

Our Explore engagement is designed to help you gain clarity on how Microsoft 365 can help meet your productivity goals, we approach this with two 1/2 day workshops and a playback presentation.

Understand how to move your business processes to Microsoft 365 With a focus on SharePoint and the Power Platform - we look automation, information management and findability.

Typical Use Cases include :

  • Contract Management
  • Document Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Policy Management
  • Supplier Contract Management

In workshop 1 we'll cover: • Fact Finding :- Your organisation, how you work, and your information flows + Your vision, challenges and goals • Envisioning :- How Microsoft’s productivity platform can help you improve your processes and functions

In workshop 2 we'll cover: • Scoping :- Understanding your technical position | Drilling down into your your focus areas • Strategy :- How we approach the delivery | Your role: The 3C’s: Capacity, capability & confidence

Finally, we'll take our analysis away and prepare a playback presentation. • Conclusions :- Themes, proposed deliverables, approach, timelines and investment

Our workshops are a led by a senior Microsoft 365 Productivity Architect - based on the agenda that has successfully helped our clients identify how technology can address their pain points.

Any outcome will aways include the: ✔ Defined Approach ✔ Documented Outcomes ✔ The associated Fixed Fee

We serve clients across Europe, North American and the Middle East.

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