IWS Modern Workplace Suite :1-Month Implementation

Infosys Limited

IWS Modern Workplace Suite – An Office 365 based tool that harnesses the power of automation to help users quickly iterate, prototype, and realize value from investments in Office 365.

There is an imperative need to control and collaborate across all entities – departments, partners and operations. The Infosys Workplace Suite – Office 365 based tool brings the power of automation to help you quickly iterate, prototype and realize value from your investments in Office 365. It ensures optimum Office365 adoption and enhanced user experience through continuous innovation across implementation and managed services.

Following are the modules of the Infosys Workplace Suite:

  1. Migration Factory - Our Infosys Workplace Suite Migration Factory focuses on lean and hyper automation to accelerate and cost-effectively migrate with the ability to customize for each organization’s legacy transformation & migration requirements. Infosys migration factory, employing the migration best practices automates migration and seamlessly integrates with 3rd party tools to accelerate the tenant-to-tenant migration process. Automated migration activities with improved throughput offers 8-10 times better output than traditional solutions.

  2. Dashboards and Reports - IT need quick and comprehensive views into the key statistics and metrics (such as secured scores, license summary etc.) across Microsoft 365 platforms, to ensure informed actions. To facilitate this our dashboards are supported by a report generation engine which generates configured reports at scheduled intervals and enables stakeholders to access them anytime across any device.

  3. Service Request Automation - Infosys Workplace Suite provides an automation solution, that can cater to service requests spanning across various services of Microsoft 365 (SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, One Drive, Teams, Virtual Desktop, etc.)

  4. Governance Solution - Infosys Workplace Suite offers a focused solution for governance solution that provides a self-service portal for users to manage lifecycle of Microsoft 365 resources (SharePoint sites, Teams, mailboxes etc.)

  5. Self-Service Bot - Infosys Workplace Suite provides a conversational AI based interface to enable knowledge sharing and self-service capabilities, which enables users to interact with Chat-Bots from the realm of Microsoft 365 services (Teams or web app in SharePoint site).

  6. Digital Experience Monitoring - Infosys Workplace Suite offers a framework to monitor the Microsoft 365 platform and creates actionable insight through user experience and service monitoring. It also come pre-built with set of 50+ common monitoring use cases.

  7. Desired State Configuration - Infosys Workplace Suite provides a comprehensive solution for making Microsoft 365 tenant configuration management simple and stable. Microsoft 365 Desired State Configuration tool implements configuration as code and continuously monitor and protect Microsoft 365 tenant and the various workload configurations.

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