Windows Endpoint Mgt: 1-Wk Accelerated Implement'n

ITC Secure Ltd

Accelerated Deployment of Microsoft Endpoint Manager for Windows including demonstration and best practice

The digital landscape continues to evolve, and businesses need to adapt and ensure devices can be managed securely. As applications migrate to the cloud and end users operate from hybrid environments, organisations face ongoing challenges of managing and securing devices and gaining visibility into device health, increasing automation, reducing costs and IT administrative overheads.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) directly addresses these challenges, providing device provisioning and management simplicity, enabling automation of device and application deployments, increased visibility into device health and performance, and improving the end user experience. Additionally, MEM increases device security, bridging the gap between IT and SecOps departments, aiding deployment of controls onto devices whilst maintaining visibility from cloud-driven solutions. By adopting a modern management solution organisations can begin or continue their ongoing journey into a cloud-first ecosystem, towards a Zero Trust security model securing devices, identities and applications.

Typically held over a week, ITC Secure will help you with the installation and configuration of Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM), identifying through workshops, the key requirements to meet the goals of the business. Our experts will introduce MEM to your environment, working with you to identify key objectives and challenges, providing both a best practice solution for deployment as well as a demonstration of MEM.

We will demonstrate how our solution provides business benefits, improves device management, saves time, money and resources, and how MEM complements other components of the Microsoft 365 security stack. At the end of the engagement a documented roadmap is provided with details on next steps and continued deployment, so you can make the most of your investments.

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