KK Modern Endpoint Management Workshop

Kraft Kennedy

Creates the foundational platform for managing the attorney user experience and sets the groundwork for NextGen Windows Experiences and Refresh Your Devices Solution Plays

The Modern Endpoint Management Quick Start for law firms enables legal organizations to provide an up-to-date, secure Windows 11 environment based on the Microsoft 365 E3 SKU. It also provides an add-on solution to outsource continual as-a-service updates entirely going forward, including patching and application compatibility for desktop and mobile devices. For many law firms, the transition to the Windows-as-a-Service model has been a challenge, creating an obstacle to the adoption of the enhanced security features of Microsoft 365 E5, as well as to the delivery of cloud productivity through Teams and Azure. Legal IT teams find themselves having to plan, package, deploy, and test in unprecedented time frames, all while handling day-to-day operations, often with limited staff. IT teams have grown and education budgets have swelled, only for IT leaders to find that it is a struggle to retain these full-time staff with a wide range of technical expertise. The Modern Endpoint Management Quick Start alleviates this pressure with a proven methodology and automated processes. Kraft Kennedy guides customers through Windows-as-a-Service and Office-as-a-Service design and strategy decisions for optimal security, productivity, and user satisfaction. Adoption of the workstation management methodology frees IT leaders and attorneys to pursue the advanced cloud, security, and productivity initiatives offered by Microsoft.

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