KK Teams Calling (Voice) Implementation

Kraft Kennedy

This implementation guides an organization through the process of implementing Microsoft Teams to serve as a reliable, high quality enterprise voice solution.

Kraft Kennedy is a multidisciplinary consulting firm with more than 33 years of experience solving business critical problems for law firms, law departments, corporations, financial services firms, and nonprofits. Our teams are made up of industry-leading network engineers, solution architects, desktop analysts, and interim leadership experts and our culture prioritizes continuous education and collaboration to achieve the best results for our clients.

Take advantage of Kraft Kennedy's expertise of the Microsoft landscape, especially Azure in the legal space. Kraft Kennedy are the experts in legal - We have successfully worked with 90% of the major law firms in the U.S. testing on your network to ensure that your existing network is ready for Microsoft Teams and help you with any remediation needed. Kraft Kennedy will execute all of the configuration related to Microsoft Teams telephony such as number assignment and call routing as well as advanced features such as multilevel auto attendants, and call queues.

After this implementation, your organization will have a fully-featured, functioning Microsoft Teams Phone service deployed to all users in the organization. Kraft Kennedy will also work with your training partner to create materials that are specific to your deployment so that accurate information regarding making, receiving, and transferring phone calls can be deployed to your staff.

Our tasks will include the following:

Review licensing needs to facilitate Teams

Configure the Teams platform for instant messaging, presence, audio/video conferencing and meetings, and collaboration

Configure the appropriate user permissions within Teams as determined during the planning session

Apply appropriate conferencing licensing to the Client’s user accounts, if required

Designate a dial-in conferencing number provided by Microsoft Teams, if required

Work with the Client to test instant messaging, collaboration, and the audio/video conference service within Teams

Configure the Client’s existing Datto Backupify Office 365 Backup & Recovery cloud backup solution to backup Teams data

Provide guidance to firm trainers regarding the use of Teams

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