Dynamic Routing Rules: 4-Week Implementation

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During our 4-week implementation, we will develop a custom routing solution that enables you to easily configure complex routing scenarios in your Dynamics 365 environment

A routing rule consists of a set of conditions and a destination user/team. Routing rules ensure that records are automatically routed to the right people at the right time. If the rule condition is met, then the record is automatically routed to specified user/team. However, out of the box (OOB) routing rules are limited and do not support businesses with complex routing needs.

Limitations of OOB routing rules

  1. Only works for case entity
  2. Limited comparison operators
  3. Multi-select fields are not supported
  4. Bulk rule updates are time-consuming

Advantages of custom routing rules

  1. Overcome the above stated limitations of OOB routing rules
  2. Ability to define attribute weights so that top ranking rule can be picked in case of multiple matches
  3. Updating rules does not require deployment, resulting in faster time to market and reduced downtime

As part of this offering, we will evaluate your existing routing scenarios, develop a custom routing solution, and integrate it with your existing Dynamics 365 environment.

Target Audience/Customers

Dynamics 365 Administrators


  1. Week 1: Evaluate business needs and existing routing scenarios
  2. Week 1: Propose an implementation plan
  3. Week 2 & 3: Develop custom routing solution
  4. Week 4: Integrate and configure solution in existing system


  1. Document outlining existing routing scenarios and our custom solution
  2. Installation/Deployment of custom routing solution in your existing Dynamics 365 environment
  3. The main components of the routing solution are listed below: * Workflow for handling ranking logic * Plug-in to parse custom filters * Entity to define routing rules

Note: The scope of this offering is defining routing rules for single entity with depth of 1 (i.e., a rule can be based on entities directly related to the main entity). If solution requires routing rules that must be defined for depth > 1 and with dependency on multiple entities, then we will evaluate and share implementation plan for the same.

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