Intune for Android: 2-wk Imp

Mobile Mentor

Android devices need to be managed to ensure corporate security. Leaving Android users on their own is not a good strategy. Intune offers excellent management of Android devices.

INTUNE FOR ANDROID IS A CONFIGURATION SERVICE THAT ENABLES YOU TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE CORPORATE AND PERSONAL ANDROID DEVICES. It’s time to stop pretending that smartphones can be left unchecked. With Intune for Android, not only will your Android Devices be fully managed, but your employees will enjoy out-of-the box fully configured devices.

Your employees’ personal Android devices need to protect sensitive data without invading the personal privacy on their device.

Mobile Mentor will implement a proven set of Intune security policies, device profiles and compliance rules for Android devices in your Microsoft 365 environment.

With Intune for Android, you’ll gain access to management profiles and configurations that will simplify your environment. Additionally, Android Enterprise can be integrated so you and your team can support zero-touch provisioning.

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