Frontline Workers: 4 -Wk Plan and Tool Implementation

Ness Israel

Has your organization already taken the steps to empower your frontline force? At Ness Cloud we have everything you need in order to make it possible!

As our work culture changes to fit a dynamic, flexible, hyperconnected new reality, more and more and industries across all verticals are transforming the way they engage with their frontline workforce.
Frontline workers account for 80% of global workforce, but high scale, bad onboarding processes, and a set of tools and rules that are not designed to reflect the realities of their place of work, often result on poor employee retention rate and diminished efficiency.

At Ness Cloud we know how crucial it is to empower your frontline force. We have found the best tool to do this: Microsoft 365, and we have created a team that can help you implement this tool and will help you build a new process that includes and takes into consideration every person on your workforce, from management to IT, to customer facing employees while keeping your environments secure.

Let our team of experts help you:
-Map your needs
-Plan a process that includes your existing Microsoft's 365 applications.
-Automate as many steps as possible with the help of tools like POWER AUTOMATE.
-Give you all the visibility you need through our POWER BI dashboards.
-Implement and build the solution.
-Create a tutorial or training for the new workflows if the need should arise.
-Create a workflow template that can be reproduced for different departments across the company.

Drop your legacy tools and processes and invest on the people that represent your brand.

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