Cybersecurity Advisory Microsoft 365 1-wk Workshop

NTT Limited

Cybersecurity Advisory for Microsoft 365 is an asset-based consulting engagement that uses workshops and interviews to assess maturity across Microsoft 365 technologies and related people & processes.

Driven by business outcomes, this engagement uses a flexible, modular framework to examine your present security posture with Microsoft 365, where you want to be and how to bridge the gaps. Reports and our consulting digital platform delivers status visualizations to track progress.

Business Outcomes:

  • Identify gaps in Microsoft 365 environment that are potential sources of risk exposure
  • Produce roadmap with prioritized recommendations for implementation of comprehensive security practices and technologies across the Microsoft 365 environment

Example Microsoft Technologies:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Azure Active Directory and Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Market Availability: Delivered in over 20 countries around the world.

Duration: Workshops typically start at 1 week but overall duration is dependent on scope.

Sample Agenda: The workshop is organized into the following four phases. Actual duration of each phase depends on scope and requirements.

  • Phase 1 (ex. Day 1) Business Context Discovery: NTT will review your operational business objectives and assets being protected.
  • Phase 2 (ex. Day 2 to 3) Current State Evaluation: NTT will review the implementation of the Security Strategy and interview key stakeholders and security leadership.
  • Phase 3 (day count N/A) Analysis and Reporting: NTT will identify potential areas of strength, opportunities for improvement and produce a summary of findings.
  • Phase 4 (ex. Day 4 to 5) Executive Summary and Debriefing: Review a draft presentation with the project team followed by report finalization and formal presentation to management and stakeholders.

Pricing: Dependent on scope and size of your environment. We can provide a quote to meet your specific requirements, but generally minimum engagements start at USD 15,000.

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