COVID-19 Financial Forecasting: 6 Week Implementation


Ensure business continuity while prioritizing health and safety


  • As people turned to streaming services as an escape during the global pandemic, the media and communications industry faced lockdown restrictions that made it hard to meet rising production demands. Even as global restrictions on work and travel continue to lift, it has been difficult to scale delayed productions to pre-pandemic levels. This is made even more difficult as companies manually manage internal rollouts of costly COVID-19 health and safety protocols.


  • Power Apps (Canvas)
  • Power Automate Workflows
  • Power BI Dashboards
  • License Review


  • Improve forecasting accuracy for testing and PPE needs using dashboards that leverage production dates, cast/crew counts, and custom algorithms.
  • Reduce time spent on COVID-19 budget and forecasting activities with a low-code user interface that helps automate manual processes.
  • Inform pacing and buying decisions throughout the production process with clear and continuous tracking of forecasts vs. actuals. ​
  • Adapt to shifts in COVID-19 protocols by quickly implementing changes to forecasting algorithms so production can continue uninterrupted.

These low code capabilities plus PwC Service Offerings allow faster application and deployment at scale. The benefits allow for accurately managing forecasts using a standardized yet flexible approach to provide greater visibility and transparency across production teams. Price varies based on client scope and business complexity.

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