Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop: 5-Wk Wrkshop

ProArch Technologies, Inc.

Improve your Microsoft 365 security posture with a Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop

Is your organization’s Microsoft cloud environment as secure as you think it is?

Organizations today are managing a growing volume of data and alerts while dealing with tight budgets and vulnerable legacy systems. Get help achieving your broader security objectives and identify current and real threats by scheduling a Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop.

The Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop utilizes Microsoft security tools to deliver visibility into threats across your Microsoft 365 cloud environment, plus clarity and support on how to improve your security posture for the long term.

With this workshop, our cybersecurity pros will help you improve your Microsoft 365 security posture by:

  • Identifying current security threats in your Microsoft 365 cloud environment across email, identity, and data
  • Providing a detailed assessment of your IT and security priorities
  • Prioritizing, actionable next steps to mitigate threats found in the Threat Check
  • Providing a plan for accelerating your security journey using Microsoft’s security tools and how to improve overall security posture

Outline of the Agenda:

  • Week 1 – Pre-engagement & Readiness
  • Week 2 – Engagement Setup
  • Weeks 2-4 – Data Collection
  • Week 5 – Threat Exploration and Report Generation; Workshop Day

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