Preflight Checks for Microsoft 365 Copilot


Preflight Checks are designed to accelerate the launch of Microsoft 365 Copilot and streamline its integration across your organization.

Pre-flight checks for Microsoft 365 will enable your organization to take the next step to increasing your productivity through the use of AI. This offer will help organizations from all industries prepare for Copilot by providing services to configure and secure your environment. This 4-8 week offer will cover: Copilot prerequisite remediation - we will ensure all of the prerequisites are met and assist you where they are not. Data clean up and support - Our consultants will work with your teams to identify what data is redundant, outdated, or trivial and guide you in creating a data policies around SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. Data governance - Establish clear policies and procedures for responsible Microsoft 365 Copilot use. Security - Configure and safeguard your data and environment with Microsoft 365 Copilot integrated security features. We will help you review and configure permissions, data loss prevention, security labels, and more. Adoption strategies - support with communication, training and incentivizing your users to maximize your return on investment. Copilot extensibility - ideate and integrate Copilot for Microsoft 365 with your other business applications through connectors and Copilot Studio. Length and cost of offer may vary based on your organizations licensing and current configurations.

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