Rapid Financials Business Central: 8wk Implementation

Rand Group, LLC

The Business Central Financials package will have your organization up and running on Business Central in 8 weeks. Fixed fee, all inclusive implementation package for maximum return on investment.

Get a rapid start to full business integration

Rand Group's Rapid Financials for Business Central provides faster time to value, better ROI and greater user adoption by delivering an agile and phased implementation in just 8 weeks. With the Rapid Financials starter pack, you can get immediate returns from activating core features in Business Central with the option to enhance and scale with additional power packs. The rapid activation model breaks away from traditional long, heavy upfront investment implementation cycles to align processes and systems.

Rapid Financials for Business Central is an all-inclusive, ready-to-go package that is designed to provide you with best practices to integrate core business functions without lengthy customizations.

The fixed-fee package includes the following modules:

  1. General Ledger
  2. Cash Management
  3. Accounts Payable
  4. Sales Invoicing
  5. Accounts Receivable
  6. Fixed Asset
  7. Resources

Agenda for the 8-week implementation:

Week 1: Activation - Provisioning of Business Central and initial process walk through with key stakeholders in 5 days. Get your business on a real-time cloud based platform.
Week 4: Configuration - Create understanding of the Financials solution components to facilitate alignment with existing business processes and roles.
Week 6: Training - Targeted and customized training to help users quickly achieve proficiency with day-to-day usage. The primary focus is to create ownership across the organization.
Week 8: Go Live - Migrate data from legacy systems then prepare to use Business Central as a production system. Continuous engagement with Rand Group through the process.

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