Automation Roadmap: 4-Wk - Process Assessment


A 4-week automation assessment to provide you with a fully-costed automation roadmap.

Robiquity will engage with your business units and perform a review of high-value processes with the aim of determining automation suitability using a range of qualitative and quantitative measures.

The analysis will capture the following:

o Process capture session, via video conferencing or on-site and analysis of available process documentation, to be translated into a process battlecard o Automation potential of each process including: • Estimated percentage automatable • Estimated business benefit e.g. FTE, Cost avoidance based on metrics provided by Client • Identification of additional business benefit e.g. increase in output quality, reduce in average case handling time, improved customer service etc. o Grouping of processes by “automatability” e.g.: • Suitable “As-Is” • Suitable with a technical enabler e.g. OCR • Suitable with a change enabler e.g. process change • Not suitable for automation o Creation of an Automation Roadmap Assessment report detailing the analysis defined within this workstream including: • Executive Summary • Estimated Business case • Top process candidates • Outlined benefits • Individual process battlecards • Development plan • Application landscape summary o Workshop style sessions with Client Process Owners to validate the analysis performed within the assessment. o Senior stakeholder playback sessions to review the report and selection of the initial process candidates

Price is based on Robiquity's consultant day rate, in conjunction with the number of processes to be assessed. For a 4 week engagement, we will be able to review up to 60 processes, provided they are specified and scheduled prior or during project commencement.

This is based on 1 hour / process for each capture session and the subsequent process write up.

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