Sustainability Manager: 8-Week Net Zero Advisor Implementation

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Utilizing the Microsoft Sustainability Manager, you can track, report, and monitor your Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions and plan, develop, and implement your net zero strategy.

To help companies efficiently track, monitor, report, and – most importantly – reduce their greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions, RSM is offering an 8-week Net Zero Advisor Implementation, leveraging the Microsoft Sustainability Manager to enable companies to assess, track, calculate, visualize, and report on their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and develop, plan, and implement their Net Zero strategies.

This assessment will review the current state of your company’s GHG inventory and enable the use of the robust out-of-the-box functionality of the Microsoft Sustainability Manager with the option to expand functionality based on business needs. A typical engagement would comprise the following and would be tailored by company:

    • Review company reporting goals, focusing on operations and activities that need to be reported
    • Assess business requirements and confirm the following out-of-the-box functionalities are a match to develop a capability roadmap to provide a timeline for any additional functionality needs
        • Reports (excel based emissions reports)
        • Models
        • Calculation Profiles
        • Power BI Dashboards

    • Leverage trusted and reputable GHG factor libraries, such as the US EPA emissions factor library, and the GHG Protocol methodology as the basis to calculate emissions
    • Provide import templates to collect pertinent business activities, facility, and corporate structure data
    • Ability to build connections to aggregate data
        • Flat File (Excel / .csv)
        • PDF
        • API Connection to an Internal or External System (e.g., utility portal)
    • Import, aggregate, calculate, and review GHG emissions profile to develop baseline and additional reporting year carbon emission inventories
    • Track your GHG reductions in line with GHG net zero targets to estimate impacts of reduction efforts over the short, medium, and long term.
    • Develop dashboard to enable easy visualization and consumption of GHG data

How A Project Looks:

RSM’s 8-week Net Zero Advisor Implementation is completed in a phased approach. A high-level scope to a typical project includes the following:

    • Phase 1 – Technology Roadmap & Initial Implementation [~2 – 3 Weeks]:
        • Gather business requirements for Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability
        • Develop a technology roadmap that will guide the development of immediate and long-term functionality of the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability solution, including governance considerations
        • Implementation of the core functionality of Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability
    • Phase 2 – Integrations [~2 – 3 Weeks]:
        • Integration of internal and/or external data systems (typically based on top connections by volume)
        • Perform testing on the API integrations to ensure consistency and completeness

** Note – the effort needed to create connections varies for each company and is dependent upon the source(s) and state of the available data. Historical data can be imported using a flat file

    • Phase 3 – Inventory Development & Net Zero Advisor Set Up [~1 – 2 Weeks]:
        • GHG inventory development based on collected data
        • Review of inventory against GHG Protocol methodology
        • Identification of areas of highest emissions and areas of reduction

Key Deliverables:

At the end of the engagement your company will have:

        • A GHG emissions inventory for the selected years (and associated available data)
        • Access to the Microsoft Sustainability Manager tool kit and inventory
        • Connections to select internal and/or external data systems
        • Your company data visible in the existing out-of-the-box dashboards
        • Ability to provide a GHG emissions report using the existing out-of-the-box excel report

*Pricing and duration will vary based on implementation scope

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