Power Apps: 4-Wk Proof of Concept

RSM Product Sales LLC

Work with us to explore, vet, and select a business process to build a Proof of Concept Power App. We will assess and deliver custom training, co-build workshops and provide guidance on going live.

Have you ever had a Power App idea but are unsure how to take it from inception to completed product? RSM’s Power Apps 4-Week Proof of Concept (PoC) is exactly what you need. We walk your organization through vetting your use case for feasibility, return on investment, and user adoption. The goal of the assessment is two-fold: building a PoC App and equipping your staff to build more Apps. Once we co-select the business process – we will train your organization on the skills necessary to get started on your app. After training, we co-build the Power App via workshops and help you get it connected to your existing systems. A typical duration is around 40 hours spread out over 3-4 weeks. We will work with your schedule to not interrupt current operations. At the end of the engagement your organization will be equipped to assess and build additional Apps. Our process:

  • Business process discovery and selection
  • Power Platform introduction and training
  • Business process requirements session
  • Build the PoC workshops
  • Going live simulation
  • Additional platform deep dives

*Pricing will vary based on project scope

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