OENG - Next Generation Endpoints-1 Month Proof of Concept

Secure Nextgen Systems

Learn how to best leverage Windows 365 together with Microsoft 365 Security, Compliance, Identity and Management technologies to deploy, secure and protect endpoints for hybrid users

Today's users are looking for more ways to remain productive while working on any device. 95% of organizations allow personal endpoints in the workspace and all of these devices add additional risks when you consider that 70 million smartphones are lost each year. Finally, 80 percent of companies plan to invest in new and emerging technologies, opening the conversation about the most efficient way to implement, manage and secure these new endpoints. Organizations need to manage and enable secure access to corporate resources across mobile, desktop, and virtual endpoints. Microsoft 365 provides the tools to reinforce the importance of the endpoint for both users and IT.

With users asking for other flexible ways of working, we face the challenge of how to secure these users and our entire environment. This raises questions and concerns for organizations about how to achieve this balance between flexibility and security they require, Onesec Endpoints Next Generation can help you mitigate those risks while providing the best solutions that leverage existing investments with Microsoft.

We offer an alternative that allows any organization to find the right balance by solving main needs such as:

Threat protection: to mitigate any risk on your endpoints Device Management: To manage any device in any location Identity protection: to secure all user identities across many services or applications Information protection: to protect and label many types of information in the organization Risk monitoring: can allow companies to have visibility into many activities or behavioral alerts across the environment Windows 365: For some users who need to have full access to the organization on any device or location Azure Virtual Desktop and applications: Can enable your organization to provide many services or applications across different environments, devices, location, or operating system, regardless of where users access.

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