Advisory Service for Microsoft Cloud

Dell Technologies Services

Leverage our expertise to uncover the insights to right-size your environment, minimize risk and optimize Microsoft 365 and Azure costs

Dell Advisory Service for Microsoft Cloud leverages an automated platform to surface deep analytics from your Microsoft 365 and Azure environments. We help you assess and analyze your data to identify major cost-saving opportunities and reveal opportunities to optimize usage and secure your infrastructure without sacrificing productivity.

Common use cases for Microsoft 365:

Identify where Microsoft 365 costs can be optimized Reveal potential adoption and productivity improvements Discover misconfigurations and remediation opportunities Unveil existing security and governance risks in the environment

Common use cases for Microsoft Azure:

Identify where Azure costs can be optimized, such as with unused storage blobs, reserved resources, and more Locate the source of sudden leaps in cloud spending Reveal potential right-sizing and downsizing opportunities Identify existing security and governance risks in Microsoft Azure

Through this engagement, Dell will equip your team with a report that provides valuable insight into your Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 environment and identifies priorities for optimization, including cost savings. Customers may choose to extend this 3-week engagement to include ongoing optimization,
adoption and strategic guidance using one of our Advisory Services Subscriptions.

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