Microsoft Endpoint Management (Intune): 8 Week Implementation


Our 8 week Intune Implementation is designed to help customers with Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Enterprise E3 or E5 to fully utilize Intune that is INCLUDED in the licensing

Endpoint Manager policies and configuration Deliverables.

  1. Verify the customer has Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Enterprise E3 or E5.
  2. Risk assessment and mitigation plan
  3. Hybrid Join vs. Azure AD Join decision point and risk analyses
  4. Modern Workplace Management Workshop
  5. Provisioning of Microsoft Endpoint Manager groups
  6. Configure Windows enrollment policies
  7. Configure Android\IOS enrollment policies
  8. BYOD Policies
  9. Provision Applications that will be managed from Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  10. Workshop covering Windows Defender options and implementation options.
  11. Configure Microsoft Defender for Endpoints
  12. Configure Bitlocker – Determine the level of encryption 128 vs. 256bit
  13. Develop a patch strategy
  14. Implement patching support for Windows 10 and Windows 11 supported operating systems.
  15. Test and verify the quality updates, feature updates
  16. 15 User Pilot and Testing matrix

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