Copilot Takeoff: 12+ Week Implementation

Slalom Consulting

Our organizational roll-out aims to help drive adoption of Microsoft 365 Copilot through a people-focused change management approach.

Slalom will help ensure that users are supported throughout this change including through hand-off to the long-term support teams. The duration of this engagement will differ per organization.

This implementation includes:
* Leveraging lessons learned from the pilot to help inform an organizational roll-out
* Execution of transformation plan to detail:
- Change Management
- Communication Plan
- Center of Excellence
- Business Measures


* Client overview - roles, functions, stakeholders, etc.
* Creation of change & project management plans
* Build wave plan for activation
* Create lean personas to help support change management activities and identify functional use cases
* Creation of training materials - prompt engineering, semantic index, etc.
* Plan Copilot Center of Excellence

* Enable change champion network & Copilot Center of Excellence to drive adoption
* Begin wave-based activation of Microsoft 365 Copilot
* Host prompt engineering training sessions
* Survey users to help refine training materials and communication messages
* Create bite-size training videos focused on productivity tips

* Host "Office Hours" sessions to help collect feedback and support adoption
* Spotlight "top prompts" to help share best practices
* Execute "white glove" VIP sessions with key stakeholders

* Continue Office Hours sessions
* Execute survey to help collect qualitative feedback to confirm return on investment
* Transition change activities and ownership to client resources for ongoing support

* Pricing of Takeoff Organizational Roll-out and further engagements based on scope of the engagements

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