Frontline Employee Envision Workshop by SoftwareOne


Help your frontline staff adopt and embrace digital change by showcasing the potential productivity opportunities with Microsoft 365 within our Frontline Employee Envision Workshop by SoftwareOne

Organisations are struggling to effectively engage their frontline workers, leading to decreased productivity, low morale, and missed opportunities for growth and innovation. Despite being the face of the organisation, frontline staff often feel disconnected, undervalued, and uninvolved in decision-making processes. Without a strong connection and alignment between frontline workers and the organisations goals, there is a significant risk of decreased customer satisfaction, increased turnover and missed opportunities for innovation and productivity.

SoftwareOne Frontline Employee Envision workshop aims to address this challenge by showcasing the potential productivity opportunities with Microsoft 365 art of possible and demonstrate how organisations could build a shared understanding of digitised business processes, productivity, and a connected workplace. The feedback gathered will serve as indicators to develop a solution plan tailored to improve engagement and overall organisational productivity.


  • Step 1 – Pre-engagement kick-off meeting to identify key stakeholders and understand organisational goals and objectives

  • Step 2 – Discovery workshop to assess the needs of your Firstline employees, identify their challenges, personas, and map these to existing business scenarios, showcasing the potential productivity opportunities with Microsoft 365

  • Step 3 – Post-workshop session to walk through your recommended solution plan.


  • A set of key Frontline employees scenarios developed and prioritised accordingly to their needs and challenges.

  • Frontline employees persona descriptions.

  • Pilot solution plan that includes a list of recommendations to help you understand and empower your Frontline employees in their digital transformation journey and how Microsoft 365 can increase productivity

  • Implementation plan for the whole organisation.

Eligible clients can claim Microsoft funding to cover the fee of this workshop. Please contact us to assess your organisations eligibility.

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