Fabric Solution in 30 Days for Education (FAi30 for EDU): 5-Week Implementation

Spyglass MTG, LLC

Spyglass’ Fabric Solution in 30 Days for Education (FAi30 for EDU) is designed to help you create an EDU Fabric Solution in Microsoft Cloud quickly and efficiently.

Spyglass’ Fabric Solution in 30 Days for Education (FAi30 for EDU) is designed to help education (EDU) institutions implement their data solution faster than ever before! Our approach establishes a well-governed and architected Microsoft Cloud Fabric Solution framework and enables cloud-scale analytics. With defined engineering approaches to support the Fabric “Lakehouse” or “Warehouse” sewing data together is quick and easy. With dozens of prebuilt templates, adoption guidance, governance standards and development standards; your solution will be up and running before you know it!!!

We leverage our existing investment in solutions accelerators for Analytics which have been well established over years of Power BI and Synapse (Fabric’s predecessor) expertise to implement the analytics workload & integrate with your existing data investments. Our complete package includes a toolkit for Fabric solutions that assists with performance efficiency for workload & scale management as well as a standard framework for governance and adoption of Fabric.


STAGE 1 - Strategy & Plan (Wk 1): Governance, Analytics and Architecture Workshops. Total Cost of Ownership Microsoft Fabric Services, Requirements, Data Design, Platform & Architecture Planning.

STAGE 2 – Ready & Govern (Wk 2-3): Build, Implement Fabric governance and security framework for adoption readiness. Configure and establish connectivity where required for data integration.

STAGE 3- Design & Innovate (Wk 4): Review modeling requirements, decide how the data will be organized, accessed, and stored, sketch and envision future data solutions, gather sourcing expectations, and build initial solution within governance framework.

STAGE 4 – Transition (Wk 5): Get your solution into the hands of users, get feedback, and decide what to change or add. Technical KT & User Sessions. Final Project Review & Sign Off.

DELIVERABLES- Spyglass will deliver a full Fabric Solution in 30 days/5 weeks for a fixed fee starting at $75k.

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