Unified Endpoint Mgmt. - 6 Weeks - Implementation

TCS - Digital Workplace

TCS Unified Endpoint Management combines Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Configuration Manager solutions to provide modern management of endpoints with a Zero Trust strategy.

Evolving Employee Experience

As we think beyond the pandemic to economic recovery and growth, we do so with broader perspective of what we value. The mindset around how we should work, is being challenged in the hybrid world. This new awareness has increased our capacity to imagine new, more holistic model for secure, scalable, unintrusive employee experience.

TCS Pilot for Accelerated UEM Adoption

TCS Microsoft Certified team of experts will work with your organization to implement and configure Microsoft Intune to provide for the robust management of mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop devices in a unified manner. Bring in expertise in Intune MEM, Intune MAM, Intune MDM standalone, Co-management for managing endpoints both in on-premises and cloud.

As part of this offer 6 weeks (~100 devices) of pilot to enable to get the view of Intune transformation from their existing landscape using 4D approach:

Discover and Design phase where a scope of the transformation is discussed and formalized. AS-IS assessment through interviews with SME to understand the existing Endpoint management and other relevant services.

Develop phase is implementing the changes for transformation, prepare the users for Pilot.

Deploy phase help to validate and verify the changes and impact to the end user experience. Based on the outcome, will benchmark and fine tune for complete transformation.

Deliverables: Assessment report, Roadmap, HLD

Measured Business Outcomes

Ease of Onboarding allows organizations to easily push out device policies, applications, and environments with faster and with better baselining.

Single Solution Architecture Centralized, simplified single pane view to manage heterogenous enterprise landscape.

Enhanced User experience Seamless experience across device management lifecycle - provision, configure, Protect, and support.

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