Intune QuickStart: 2-week Implementation

Team Venti

Team Venti’s Intune QuickStart offers an efficient and expeditious way to deploy an Intune environment with cost, deliverables, and schedule predictability.

Through our QuickStart program, organizations can quickly deploy a core and meaningful Intune environment that is designed around security requirements with sound architecture ready for future scalability of features, users, devices, and services.

Our Intune QuickStart includes the following deliverables:

    Devices/Users Groups

    • Create groups for devices and users
    • Group Assignment for users and devices

    Authorize Intune Mobile Device Management

    • Enroll up to 10 users and devices into Intune for the organization (one device per user) serving as a proof of concept

    Policies Configuration

    • Configure up to nine configuration profile policies
    • Configure up to three compliance policies
    • Configure one conditional access policy to prevent access to organizational resources from non-compliant devices
    • Configure up to three Endpoint Security policies
    • Configure up to four application deployments for the organization for Windows 10/11, iOS, iPadOS, or Android devices
    • Configure three Windows update profiles

    Support & Knowledge Transfer

    • Eight hours of live (knowledge-transfer) sessions with the customer
    • Four hours of remote administrator support during the first 30 days after deployment

    Features and benefits:

    • Fixed pricing: Know your upfront costs and avoid surprises
    • Project predictability: Stay on track and anticipate outcomes reliably
    • Minimal downtime: Sustain business continuity by minimizing operational interruption
    • Expert support: Get expert guidance from Microsoft professionals by following best practices
    • Scalability and flexibility: Adapt your project easily to meet changing demands
    • Protect devices: Protect company/employee-owned devices, including 3rd party apps and devices

    For more information, visit Team Venti's website.

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