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Terminal Analytics is a ready-to-use plug & play solution empowers decision-makers to quickly understand & analyse the time taken and cost incurred for various activities of the maintenance and repair

UB Technology Innovation’s (UBTI’s) Terminal Analytics is a ready-to-use plug & play solution. Power BI solution empowers decision-makers to quickly understand and analyse the time taken and the cost incurred for the different activities of the maintenance & repair in the shipping industry. Power BI analytical solution also enables the managers to analyse the key performance measurement parameters of Terminal Maintenance & Repair like mean time to repair, downtime, asset availability and so on, and helps the decision-makers to monitor the performance before and after the execution of the preventive and corrective action plans.

UBTI’s Terminal Analytics Solution using Power BI gives insights on

• Mean Time Analysis Report

• Maintenance Report

• Month on Month Down Time Report

• Asset Technical Availability and Reliability Reports

Mean Time to Repair report shows the average time taken month on month for the repair work orders to complete repair and close. The report also drill-downs to the level of work orders to do the root cause analysis.

Maintenance Report compares the total time taken percentage between preventive and Corrective Maintenance work, which would enable managers to understand clearly where the maximum efforts and expense have been contributed.

Down Time reports shows the down time of the assets for every month based on the planned downtime and unplanned down time. This helps the managers to reduce corrective maintenance and reduce cost.

Asset Technical Availability report helps to monitor and track the crane and other machines availability. The report will enable the users to drilldown and find out the reason for the reduced availability and empower the decision-makers to take the right actions.

Highlights - Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) include:

• Mean time to Repair

• Mean time to Close

• Preventive Maintenance Vs Corrective Maintenance Trend

• Planned Vs Unplanned Downtime

• Asset Technical Availability

• Top 10 asset by Cost and more….

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