Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Teams Scoping: 1-Day Workshop


Enables full understanding of your organisation's requirements and working practices. An outputted report of recommendations and future roadmap to assist you on your Digital Transformation journey.

Our team conduct Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Teams workshops to gain a full understanding of customer requirements, including current business processes and budgets. Our expert consultants will work with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your IT Strategy and then analyse your current application suite to determine the requirements that you have as a business and create recommendations for project engagements leading to a scalable solution that can grow with you to meet future demand.

Our workshop can be delivered both onsite in a single day and remote over two half days. Preferences can be discussed with your dedicated consultant and account manager, to ensure that your stakeholders get the best experience within the time available. We recommend recording of all remote meetings, to enable records to be kept by both Valto and our customers.

Our tried and tested workshop approach uses the following agenda as standard, but allows for flexibility to enable it to align with your organisation's needs:

  • An initial "Art of the Possible" demonstration will help provide your users with an understanding of Microsoft 365 capabilities, enabling them to make informed decisions for future developments.
  • Demonstrations of the Valto Product Suite will enable identification of apps that are fit for purpose for your organisation or inspire your team to consider custom developments.
  • Our consultants will learn about your organisation, your people, and your objectives.
  • Our consultants will analyse existing file storage mechanisms, such as, file shares, third party storage systems, Drop Box, OneDrive, local machines, and existing SharePoint environments.
  • Our consultants will conduct detailed interviews with your users to understand current ways of working, business processes, pain points and future needs to be met by further developments.
  • Our consultants will discuss the potential for further service enablement across the Microsoft 365 suite i.e. Power Platform, SharePoint, Teams, Streams, and Forms.

We ask our customers to prepare for their workshop by being ready to share their screen and discuss their ways of working. Consideration of the following questions/topics can also assist:

  • What are your current ways of working?
  • What does your file structure look like?
  • What are your key day to day files?
  • Any manual processes that you have such as approvals, copying data manually, etc?
  • Any process improvements that an automated form and approval could help you with?
  • Any specific requirements you have for an intranet?

A Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Teams Workshop Report and Site Structure will be provided within 1 week of Workshop completion. The Workshop Report will provide recommendations and plans for transitioning to Microsoft 365. This may include delivery of Valto Products, such as (but not limited to), Intranet, Controlled Documents, Employee Onboarding, Leave Request, Timesheets, Expenses, Meeting Room Booking and Visitor Booking.

Our workshop offering is available across all industry verticals, and we have worked with numerous customers across the globe. Having expert consultants, developers and Microsoft 365 administrators enables Valto to adapt to all organisations.

When you’re starting a SharePoint project, it’s essential to choose a partner who is experienced and puts your needs first. That’s where Valto comes in. We work with you to recommend solutions that are fit for purpose, within budget and delivered to a high standard in a timely manner. We bring our years of experience, official Microsoft training and first-hand insight to every Microsoft 365 and SharePoint project, so you can rest assured everything is taken care of.

We at Valto offer a multitude of different services across Microsoft 365, so please get in contact to discuss your needs now.

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