PowerWorker for AssetMaintainers-6M Implementation


A new approach to getting value from Digitised Asset Management

Asset Maintainers globally believe now, more than ever, that digitisation of their maintenance processes can lower a dependency on experts travelling to site, increase safety and create a more proactive approach to maintenance that empowers site based teams to do more with less.

However, introducing that capability remains challenging with tech teams trying to introduce one-off proof of concepts that are difficult for field teams to support and larger implementations taking years to get off the ground.

PowerWorker for Asset Maintainers trial – a slice of the Velrada PowerWorker offer - is a low risk offering that allows a subset of Maintainers to evaluate the benefits of an end-to-end digitised process over an extended period of time.

The offering provides all the hardware, configuration and support you need to get running and drive adoption whilst removing the risk having an unsupported and isolated solution or not having the people to support those using it in the field. This includes Microsoft HoloLens 2 units, as well as the licensing for Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.

How does it work?

  • You select a subset of your Maintenance team
  • You select a subset of Assets to monitor
  • PowerWorker for Asset Maintainers includes all the software, hardware, skills support and training to digitise the asset maintainer job lifecycle for those in the trial and the assets being monitored
  • We set up a ring-fenced area in your Azure tenant
  • Within six weeks, we have everything installed, configured
  • We spend the remainder of the time working with and supporting those In the trial to remove adoption barriers and understand what truly makes a difference.
  • After six months you can: extend for three months at a time, let your IT team start to support what’s there, turn it off or extend one or more sections of the solution.

This is a 6 week Proof of Concept that can be tailored to your needs, as such the price is dynamic depending on your unique requirements.

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