DXC Product Data Management Extension


Simplify product lifecycle and BOM management and enable customer-specific fulfilment

DXC Product Data Management Extension

DXC Product Data Management Extension introduces a range of enhanced capabilities across product lifecycle management, BOM and formula management and customer fulfilment processes to enable daily process efficiencies that give you the competitive edge you need to serve customers better and safeguard profitability.


  • Save time and resources with advanced product data management capabilities
  • Ensure that products can only be purchased, handled and sold based on pre-defined lifecycle rules
  • Support common lifecycle states as well as your unique lifecycle needs
  • Use the capabilities for management of both BOMs and formulas
  • Save time and reduce errors when maintaining BOMs and formulas
  • Simplify visualization and comparison of complex BOM and formula structures
  • Serve customers better with unique, customer-specific sales order settings per product


  • Control product availability and usage across purchasing, inventory and sales operations
  • See product phase information in BOM/formula lines, Lookups and in BOM/formula designer
  • Assign product MRP coverage group settings based on lifecycle phase
  • Enable automatic inheritance of blocking and coverage group settings from current lifecycle phase
  • Compare BOMs/formulas in detail, or filter to see only the differences

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