Supply Chain Cloud - Shipping for D365 Commerce

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Real-Time Shipping at the POS or for your online store customers

Supply Chain Cloud - Ship connects Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce with major parcel carriers including UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Purolator. This integration allows your e-commerce site visitors to rate shop delivery options in real-time during checkout. Ship also enables store employees to use the Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals as a pack and ship station.

Because Ship is cloud-based software, there are no servers on-site or to maintain.  This secure cloud connectivity gives you the access, availability, and speed you demand to rate and ship on a platform you trust.

Key Features & Benefits

Improve your customers’ experience

  • Customers choose the delivery option that is most convenient for them and fits their budget
  • Customers see real-time rates and delivery dates in the checkout process without leaving your site or waiting for a quote

Save time and boost sales with flexible shipping options

  • Delivery options can be customized to only display your preferred parcel carriers
  • Configuration is easy and you don’t have to manually update rates and connections to parcel carriers

Ship from your store to cut costs, decrease delivery times, and offer phone orders

  • Expand the use of the point of sale (POS) to create a pack and ship station which allows employees to schedule, pack, and ship during a customer transaction or during downtime
  • Product information is used, just like on the e-commerce site, to help employees rate shop and select delivery options that are most convenient for the customer and help you be profitable
  • Customer contact information and product data from D365 Commerce feeds into Ship to remove manual entry and saves time
  • Once the shipment is created, the shipment and tracking information are immediately available for the customer and business users and is saved to D365 Commerce automatically

Supported Countries

All countries where Dynamics 365 Commerce is available.

Supported Languages

English (United States) and all languages that Dynamics 365 Commerce supports.

About Supply Chain Cloud

The Supply Chain Cloud transforms your business by connecting physical assets with digital intelligence.
  • Get real-time connectivity
  • Generate accurate, timely invoices
  • Minimize freight costs

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