Greek Localization for D365 Commerce-Finance-SCM

от DIS - Dynamic Integrated Solutions SA

Official Localization for Greece since 2007 for D365 Commerce, Finance and Supply Chain Management

Feel free to contact us for an app demonstration and arrange a reference call with live customers because Tax Legislation Compliance matters

Greek Localization Features
  • VAT requirements and reporting
  • Chart of accounts compliance validations and maintenance
  • Master data enhancements. Regulatory information for customers and vendors
  • Regulatory extensions of all journal types: invoices, payments, general journals
  • Regulatory extensions for project transactions
  • Year end additional fiscal periods
  • MYF (applicable for Greek market)
  • Document series management
  • Fixed asset depreciation enhancements
  • Reversal documents
  • Adjustment documents
  • Withheld TAX
  • Bank payments and integrations
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Configurable business documents

Solution Benefits
  • Stay compliant with the Greek Financial legal requirements.
  • Take advantage of the well-known best practices of the Greek market and embrace them. 
  • Availability in previous versions (AX4, AX2009, AX2012)

Solution extensions
  • Extensions for Cyprus
  • Extensions for Annata 365 For Finance & SCM (Automotive industry)

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