DXC Payment Connector for Verifone


An out-of-the-box, full omnichannel payment connector for Verifone POINT and PAYware Connect

The DXC Commerce Payment Connector for Verifone is an out-of-the-box, ready to use, fully omnichannel payment connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce. Use your trusted Verifone devices for in-store payments. Start taking credit and debit online payments using PAYware Connect, a PCI-compliant hosted payment form and service as part of Verifone’s Cloud Services gateway offerings. Full cross-channel tokenization ensure your customers can pay anywhere and obtain their goods through any channel: pick up in store, ship direct, curb-side pickup, or any other omnichannel scenario supported by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.

The DXC Payment Connector for Verifone implements the Dynamics 365 Commerce Payment Connector Framework which means there are no intermediary gateway services. D365 interfaces directly to your Verifone POINT devices and to your Verifone PAYware Connect service. As a semi-integrated solution, the connector is designed from the ground up to be PCI-compliant supporting full point-to-point encryption (P2PE).

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