Eviden Automotive Supplier for D365 FO

от Eviden International France - SAS

Fully integrated Automotive Supplier Solution in Microsoft Dynamics D365 FO ERP Solution

The Add-on automotive Supplier is covering the typical automotive supply chain processes within the Microsoft ERP solution D365 FO.
From receiving EDI based Messages, order handling, dispatch/invoicing, packaging to act mirror like in the purchase area to further suppliers (order creation, quoting, EDI, goods receiving).
  • EDI-Processing for Sales and Purchase Connectivity and Support of all established EDI standards (VDA, ODETTE, EDIFACT, ANSI X.12)
  • Integration and Support of OEM-specific logistic concepts & processes e.g. PUS, NLK, BELOM, CALDEL, a.s.o.)
  • Intercompany EDI, ESP Handling
  • Mobile-solutions, Track& Trace, Web Applications
  • JiT/JiS Integration, Shop Floor adaption
View examples are:
  • GM Pick-Up Sheet (MAIS/ PUS)
  • GM material issuer, material handling code
  • Volkswagen AMES-T
  • Renault (GPI, L3P, Cindi)
  • PSA V2
  • Daimler LLZ
  • Nissan (RAN/Kanban)
  • etc.
Processing of Inbound & Outbound EDI Messages
  • EDI call-offs, Orders, Kanban/Pick up Sheet (PUS),
JiT/JiS (Just in Time/Just in Sequence)
dispatch advice, inventory/stock
  • EDI – invoice / EDI - credit voucher / payment advice
Processing of EDI Delivery Instructions – Call Off
Including demand calculation
  • Full Support of CFs (cumulative figures)/Comparison of Call-Offs
  • EDI-Monitoring
Third Party Logistics
  • 3PL, LLZ and ESP (external service provider) Management
Integrated Packaging Handling
Container and Packaging Management, returnable handling
  • Customer/Order specific Master data/BOM
  • Packaging-BOM
  • Packaging Rules & Documentation
  • Container and Packaging Management; empty packaging management; alternative packaging
  • Handling of packaging inventory (own & partner stock)
Automotive specific delivery and shipping documents
A multitude of Automotive specific Labeling is already included also in terms of Automotive Dispatch (e.g. VDA-Delivery Note, bill of lading, EDI-accompanying document), based on easy and flexible label design solutions
  • Shipping/delivery notes / packing slip etc. VDA documents
  • Barcode material tag e.g. AIAG B10, VDA 4902, ETI 9 labels KLT/GLT, Global Transport Label, etc. for several print solutions 1D and 2D barcode support
  • Invoice / credit note
  • Bill of lading
EDI based Purchase integration/Call Off to supplier
  • Based on Cumulative Figures
  • Supplier quotation
  • Integration of EDI based arrivals & incoming goods

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